Hovercraft Races in Great Britain, Europe, and the USA are being broadcast live over the internet on www.hover-racing.org.
The events we hope to cover are listed below.  
After the event video replays together with laptimes and pointstables will be available on the links below.
Click on the Live button above for live video coverage during race meetings.
Summer of '67
Early UK hover rallies from 1967
Magnolls Farm 3 - 5 May
laptimes points Breakfast Sat video Sun1 vid Sun2 vid Mon1A vid Mon1B vid Mon1C vid Mon2 vid
UK/EHF Hackett Lakes 24-26 May
laptimes uk points eu points eu season
Rother Valley 7-8 June
laptimes points Sat1 vid Sat2 vid Sun1 vid Sun2A vid Sun2 F1 vid Sun2B vid
EHF Prudhomat France 28-29 June
laptimes points Sat1 vid Sat2a vid Sat2b vid Sun1a vid Sun1b vid Sun2a vid Sun2b vid
Claydon 19-20 July
laptimes points
Gang Warily 23-25 Aug
laptimes points Sat yt Sun yt Mon 1 vid
UK/EHF Towcester 20-21 Sept
laptimes UK points EU Points Sat yt Sun yt