In 2016 the Hovercraft Club of Gt Britain celebrates its 50th anniversary with a Festival of Hovercraft from 18 - 31 July.
It will include a World Hovercraft Racing Championship at Tamworth Staffs UK from 27-31 July 
Since 2009 Races have been broadcast live over the internet, but in the early days they were often seen at the cinema. 
Lets go back to the beginning - below are links to hovercraft rallies & races from the early years.
They tell a fascinating story of how racing hovercraft developed.

Year -2 1964
The Worlds first hover racing - Canberra Australia More from Canberra Australia
Year 0 1966
The first rally in the UK - Apethorpe '66
Year 1 1967
Apethorpe '67 Early UK hover rallies 1967-8
Year 2 1968
Shrewsbury '68
Year 4 1970
Thames Rally Hammersmith London
Year 6 1972
Racing at Sherborne Castle Offshore Racing at Weymouth
Year 6 1972
Schools rally at Pegwell Bay 72 Schools rally at Pegwell Bay Schools rally at Pegwell Bay
Year 7 1973
Racing at Sherborne Castle
Year 8 1974
First International at Calais Hoverport
Year 11 1977
Schools Rally Rickmansworth Aquadrome
Year 15 1981
International at Stanford Hall